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Road Versus Rail – When Moving Long Distance It’s a No Contest

Everyone knows that moving house is one of the most stressful events in our lives and that the physical logistics are a big part of the equation. The traditional view is of a very large truck arriving at the family home and after packing and loading, the same truck and driver then drive long distance to the new home. There is a high level of comfort associated with this vision, although the reality can be quite different.

Why Focusing Strictly On Price Is Bad

When hiring relocation services, the biggest mistake first-timers make is focusing strictly on price. Relocation is difficult, and most accomplish it with a small, inflexible budget. So it comes as no surprise that most consumers fixate on acquiring the lowest rate possible. But common wisdom applies here: You get what you pay for.

So You Have to Move?

So – you are about to move house! Have you ever moved before? We have!

Mover Or Do It Yourself Packing Tips

Moving can be an overwhelming job. A few moving tips like labeling boxes, and how to pack breakables can help. Mover companies need to be consulted for special instructions if you choose to use them.

When to Move?

You have been “bugged in” your city apartment for several weeks. No electricity, no phone, no running water, and lots and lots of crazy people are running around the streets. There is truly no way of knowing what exactly is happening in the world, but it really does not look good for the home team. Even though living conditions have certainly not been up to your preferred standard of living, you and your family have felt secure up until this point. You have plenty of supplies and your vehicle is still operational, but the environment outside filled with crazies, criminals and crusaders is out of control! Life is just not the same as it was. So what do you do?

Costa Rica Beach Real Estate: More Affordable Than You Think!

It’s understandable why many people envision that Costa Rica Beach Real Estate consists entirely of opulent mansions. A beachfront or ocean view lot can cost as much as a large house elsewhere, so there’s logic to the assumption.

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