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5 Negative Aspects of Self Storage

The number of self storage facilities in the United States is hurtling towards the 50,000 mark. In 2011, it was estimated that the self storage industry was worth approximately $22 billion per year. In a way, it seems strange that we are willing to part with our possessions and pay a monthly fee. Have we become so obsessed with material goods that we simply buy too much stuff to fit in our home? While storing goods for a short period of time (using the services of PODS for example) as you move house is understandable and often necessary, there are a number of reasons why long-term self storage is not a good idea and we outline these below.

Avoiding PODS Problems

Portable on Demand Storage (PODS) is the name of a reputable moving and storage company but can also simply refer to any organization in the industry. Please note that the following article is NOT about PODS the company but rather, the industry as a whole. It is estimated that up to 15 million American families will move home every single year. This means that the moving and storage industry is a multi-billion dollar one. While there are hundreds, if not thousands, of solid companies offering these services, there is also a litany of scammers that are eager to take advantage of the vulnerable. The elderly are particularly at risk from these unscrupulous companies. Below, we provide tips on how to avoid PODS scams.

Packing Tips For Relocation

Relocating is one of the things that cannot be planned abruptly. Surely, your move to another town, city or country can be super exciting but the fact that it also brings along a great deal of anxiety and stress cannot be ignored. This anxiety is about getting things done on the dot, not leaving or forgetting anything behind, ensuring safety of the valuables while traveling and above all, not wasting the money where they can save.

Tips For An Efficient House Move

Relocation is an extremely stressful and challenging event which most people find hard to deal with. The whole process is full of difficulties and thus, most first timers usually succumb to them. It is important to know that a hassle free relocation is all about good knowledge and thorough preparation. Procrastinating is one of the biggest mistakes that people make while relocating for the first time. Such as this, there are a lot of things which hamper the process of relocation and thus, need to be effectively dealt with.

I’m Moving – Simple Steps to Follow

What is moving consisted from, what encounters will one face along the line that he should be aware of. A guide what the average person has to go through told in a slightly rough way.

Moving to Latin America

As the expat community around the world continues to grow there is renewed interest in Latin America as more and more people look to escape the European economic downturn. This renewed interest in the region has increased economic activity across the board and many Latin American countries are now better placed than ever before to benefit from the eventual worldwide economic upturn. So what are the more prosperous areas of Latin America for you to look at?

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